Minimalist Vector

Vector illustrations
Illustrating Vectors takes a little bit more skill, and is starting with a hand drawn sketches.
- I love doing vectors of people(subjects like women in particular).

The style is japanese minimalist inspired and somewhat like the works of the famous illustrator, Patrick Nagel (see website:

Belle – beauty and the beast, anime variant

Margaux De la paz – Patrick Nagel inspired art + anime style vector

Coleen Garcia – Minimalist

Honey, the woman from the future…

Self Portrait – Corporate

my italian colleague, the beautiful Caterina Leoni

Pauline – Poopette

Mikee Domingo. My beautiful friend from Leyte.

My good friend shira.. simple vector

Sunset Runner- 10k finisher

Kaye - Eric's good friend, for her birthday present #vector

My Inspiration

Self Portrait

My Childhood idol - Vitor Belfort Vector

Birthday Girl - Michelle Mae

College classmate - Jennifer Anne

My Former Boss/Colleague - Viola Galgano

Birthday Vector - my dear friend lauren goodin - kentucky

my good friend gretchen

My Bestfriend - Eric "Pan"

Michelle Penaranda

Agnes unfinished

Good friend Marcus Goye

Vivien Mariz Gajudo - Minimalist

Belle painting

To Kimberly: "All I wanted is to talk to you..."

PLE - Corie

Danica Dacay

Apple Anney

The Box out - Me, Eric and Cris : Animate Vector

Tim Donkey Vector : Animate Vector

Rasheed Wallace : Animate Vector

Dirk Nowitzki : Animate Vector

Tayshaun Prince & Kyle Korver : Animate Vector

NBA 2005 finals - Sheed Vs Duncan : Animate Vector

DLSU Joseph yeo : Animate Vector

Pioneers of Anime : Animate Vector

My brother Matthew learning basketball : Animate Vector

DoTA loading screen "vectored" - Artwork by: Artgerm, : Animate Vector

the bad past : Animate Vector

Classic Movie - Somewhere in time - poster : Animate Vector


Ms. Copo

Me- Japanese Vector Portrait

My photo storyboard